There are 3 main options staying at Natal Caraùbas Village to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the untouched sand dunes on a buggy, where an experienced native driver will take you to the most astonishing places:

1 – Genipabu Sand Dunes Route

This is a breathtaking adventure across the sand dunes in Genipabu, a town that holds one of the highest sand dunes in the Natal region, and one can enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes by the hands of an experienced certified buggy driver. The buggy rides are open to all public. As such, the buggy driver will ask whether you want the trip with “emoçao” or “sim emoçao”. If the chosen option is with emotion, you will hold on very tight as the little buggy scampers up and down the dunes at a high speed.

The buggy rides stop at some spots where one can enjoy the panoramic views from the very top of the sand dunes: the fusion of the green palm trees, the blue ocean, the yellow endless sand dunes and at the very end the outlines of Natal. Another typical stop is in dunes where you can practice ski bunda, a typical attraction that consists in sledging down the dunes on a varnished wooden sleigh, as if it was snowboarding.

The best time of the day to book this activity is around 2 hours before sunset. Hence, the sun is less intense and one can enjoy one of the most colourful sunsets in Brazil.


2 – Buggy Expeditions through the coastline

The best way to visit the north littoral coast of Natal is by buggy along the beach. The buggy trips can last one day or even 3 to 7 days, depending on how far north it gets.

1 day trips: these trips don’t have to be booked in advance, just showing up in the typical buggy spots or booking them online / over the phone t he same day or the day before. The trips normally start at the beaches of Redinha and Genipabu, one of the most sought-after beaches in Brazil. Here you take a tour across the sand beaches. The tour also includes a visit to three large lagoons, Jenipabu, Pitangui and Jacuma. Formed by the accumulation of water from rain over the dunes, these natural formations are an amazing sight to behold. These are perfect for a cooling dip, and in some instances it is necessary to to cross lagoons over a wooden surface to continue with the trip. There are some scheduled stops to enjoy local fresh fish and caipirinhas or coconut water. Later stop at Pitangui beach for a spot of bathing in its tranquil lagoon before returning home late in the afternoon.

3-7 days trips: These trips have to be booked in advance and are ideal for a road trip north to get to Jericoacoara, a town sitting on top of a dune. These trips are perfect for kitesurfers. See kitesurf section to see more information.


3 – Rent the Condo buggys

If you prefer to go for a trip driving yourself around the area through the beaches without the need of a local driver, it is posible to rent the buggy from Natal Caraubas Village, which is there for the use of our clients.

This option is currently unavailable due to the buggy is not in a good condition. We will have it fixed as soon as possible!

For more information:
telf: 555 55 55