The paradise for Kitesurfers 

Brazil is the best kitesurfing country in the world, you can ask anyone that has been there, and will confirm it! Sunny whether, warm water, sandy beaches, lagoons, great people and Wind every day! Small towns in the coastline specialised in kitesurfing are located across 700km of coastline between Natal, Canoa Quebrada, Fortaleza, Cumbuco and Jericoacoara.

Even though Wind forecasts may look the same for most spots, the famous north Brazilian wind start to blow seriously from Cumbuco north west. At Cumbuco, Wind blows around 20-24 knots at season, and picks up downwind along the cost, to blow around 28-34 knots at Jericoacoara. However, South Cerara and Rio Grande do Norte still have avarage daily winds of 20 knots per hour, more than enough to have a lot of fun!

Along these 700 km of kitesurf, I would distinguish 3 main different areas:

North Ceara – Very Strong winds up to 34 knotts and plenty of lagoons. Very crowded

  • Famous spots: Jericoacoara, Icaraizinho, Ilha do Guajiru and Prea.

Central Ceara – Strong Wind.  The beaches are mostly wide and sand. Crowded

  • Famous spots: Cumbuco, Taiba, Paracuru

South Ceara / North Rio Grande do Norte – Steady Wind Kite at Crowd less flat water Lagoons

  • Famous Spots: This includes Canoa Quebrada and the area where Natal Caraubas Village is located. Other spots in the area include San Miguel do Gostoso.

Down-wind Kitesurfing trips in North East Brazil

If you are keen to do a road trip and visit different places within the coastline, the best thing is the downwind kitesurfing trip. The idea is to kite downwind along the beach, from one kite village to the other. You kite along the coast line, stopping at lagoons, wave spots, rivers and stay each night at a different town, and organize your own downwind kite trip. You can start in Natal and go north enjoying many flat water lagoons and sand beaches, and travel up to Jericoacoara or Barra Grande and enjoy super strong wind and beautiful flat water spots.

In Natal Caraubas Village, we would be very happy to host you as your first stop north Natal, and you will enjoy a great condominium in front of the sea with many astonishing kite spots and lagoons around the area!