Steady and strong winds, possibility to kite in front of the apartments, easy and quick access to sandy and flat virgin beaches. Only local fisherman sailing boats stand out from the wilderness. And on top of that, only 50 km north Natal, providing a great proximity to the airport!

1. Steady trade winds: The winds of Rio Grande do Norte are not as strong and aggressive compared to North Ceara (e.g Jericoacoara). However, it is very usual to find around 20 knots or more per hour, more than enough to have some fun! The months with stronger winds are from August to December. Therefore, 7 to 10 meter kites are are the best option for the area.

2. Kitesurf in front of Natal Caraubas Village. A caloric breakfast in the terrace of the lodge while checking the weather conditions, walk down the beach, lift up the kite and to the water! There are only a few stairs between the apartments and the beach. Another great advantage of the condominium is the high position over the sea. Therefore it is very easy and comfortable if you need to keep an eye on the people kitesurfing. And on top of that, you can shoot amazing pictures!

3. Wilderness. The lack of tourists around the area makes this place a calm and peaceful area that contrasts with the crowded kitesurf locations from Ceara, which are becoming very popular all over the world.

4. Proximity to the airport: Natal’s airport is only about 50km from Natal Caraubas Village, which represents around 1hour driving.Furthermore, a new airport is under construction in the north of Natal to cope with the increase in tourism, business and the world cup. As such, the apartments will be even much closer.