Area / Location

A Village in a virgin fisherman town

Caraubas - anochecer

In a place where dreams come true, 3.5hours flying from Sao Paulo, 57 km. north Natal and only 37km far from the new airport, is located Praia de Caraubas, a genuine and small fisherman town. This village is placed in front of a splendid and deserted beach, surrounded by dunes, tiny cliffs and fresh water lagoons that shapes a unique and unsoiled landscape.

Praia de Caubas

An exclusive 8 lodgings are placed in a strategic seaside location and on top over 1,500 squared meters surface in front of the ocean: 5 ground floor apartments, 2 duplex apartments and 1 first floor apartment. All are built up based on the local old fisherman cabins style, with the characteristic native porches.

Entorno - Casas

3 subtropical gardens: the tall coconut palms located in the seaside garden that give shape and compliment the ocean horizon landscape, bananas and chestnut palm trees that provide shade in the central garden, and chestnut trees located in the parking area.


Behind the condominium lays an extensive area of sand dunes that shape the typical scenery of the Natal surroundings. In addition, the astonishing views at Cabo San Roque together with the amazing skyline provide a pleasant and and relaxed environment to the lodges, built with superior wood and local high quality materials.

Entorno - dunas

The emotion of being in a apartment in the sand dunes next to the ocean is unbeatable. Surrounded by a nature in a state of calm and silence, the guests can enjoy a unique environment that can only be found in this region of the world.

Knowledge of the region

Mapa zona Rio norte

  • Natal is located in the North East of Brazil, in Rio Grande do Norte State. 
  • The official language is Portuguese. Local inhabitants can understand Spanish given the Latin-american influence.
  • It is a safe area. Government is self-aware that tourism is one of the most important assets of the region.
  • Time difference from London GMT is only 2 hours in the local summer / spring and 4 hours in the local winter / autumn. Time difference from New York EST is 2 hours in the local summer / spring and 1 hour only in the local winter/ autumn. 
  • Natal, with 800,000 inhabitants, provides  same all services that any big city. 
  • Official currency is the Brasilian Real (BRL).
  • the NASA has categorized the quality of the air as the second purest in the world (the first one is the Antarctic pole).
  • Electricity is 220 v.
  • The Brazilian authorities do not require any vaccines to access the region.
  • 0041 has to be dialled in the telephone before the country code in order to call from the region to any home country telephone. To call from abroad to Natal,  the following number is required: 005584

Natal - Entorno

Es necesario el pasaporte con 6 meses de vigencia, como mínimo.



Praia de Caraùbas is part of the area surrounding Maxaranguape municipality, together with Maracajau and cape San Roque (which is the closest spot to Africa and Europe in South America).

Maxaranguape can be accessed through the BR – 101 motorway, towards the north coast of Natal. In order to get there, the transfer services from Natal Caraubas Village can be used. Alternatively, a car be rented in the airport.

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In the town of Praia de Caraubas live around 800 people that mainly fish for living and provide the limited services in the area. The town is gifted with an astonishing beach embraced by tall and tilted coconut palm trees and fisherman wooden boats. The silence is only interrupted by the birds, the waves and the palm trees rocked by the trade winds.

Natal Caraubas Village is located in front of the beach, exacly 33 meters far from it. The town is only at 8 minutes walking distance from the town centre. Natal Entorno